Pricing Information & Registration Process

1. Consumer:

Consumer, who wishes to use services of Medical and Healthcare Service Provider (MHSP), whether In-Clinic or Online, or host his Personal Health Record (PHR), needs to register on the Platform. In addition, he needs to subscribe to one of the Plans to be able to access his records and avail services of MHSP. In addition, Consumer may need to pay Platform Usage Charges as defined in the plans.

Plan Name Consumer - Zero Subscription
Description This is an Zero Subscription Plan and pay as per use.
Registration Charges Nil
Subscription (non-refundable) Nil
Consultant Fee As set by individual Consultant (Currently no GST applicable)
Platform Usage Charges (Includes Payment Gateway Charges)
Video Consultation Rs 40.00
Phone Consultation Rs 20.00
In-Clinic Consultation Nil
GST As per prevailing rates. Current rate is 18%
Payment Gateway Charges 2% of (Consultant Fee + Platform Usage Charges + GST)
Cancellation Charges 5% of (Consultant Fee + Platform Usage Charges + GST)

Registration and Usage Process:

Step 1- Login to and sign up as a Consumer.

Step 2- Update your Profile under My Account tab.

Step 3- Under My Account tab, Choose Plan – Consumer Basic Plan

Step 4- You will be redirected to secured payment gateway. Make payment for Subscription for first year. You are now successfully registered on the Platform. You can now start updating your Personal Health Records.

Step 5- Search and Add Doctors to your Network under My Network tab You can now start taking appointment through the Platform.

2. Medical & Healthcare Service Providers:

Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Counsellor or other Healthcare Service Provider (MHSP), who wishes to use the Platform for offering his services, must register on the Platform. He must also subscribe to a plan before being able to start using it.

Plan Name Doctor - Basic
Description This is a Plan for Medical Healthcare Service Providers for enabling them to offer their services on the Platform. They can create a complete Practice Management System, defining their Clinic and Online timings slots, viewing and creating Medical records of their patients, doing consultation (including On-line), writing Prescription and printing Bills / Certificates.
Consultation fee will be collected thru payment gateway and will be credited to Doctor’s a/c after deducting payment G/w charges.
Registration Charges Nil
Subscription (non-refundable) Rs 500 (Monthly Subscription)
Rs 5,000 (Annual Subscription)
GST Extra, as per prevailing rates. Current rate is 18%

Registration and Usage Process:

Step 1- Sign up as doctor on

Step 2- Upload Certificates

Step 3- Edit your Profile

Step 4- Add your Clinics

Step 5- Set Working Hours

Step 6- Set Consultation fees

Step 7- Admin will verify completeness of records and send intimation for payment of subscription. Once subscription is paid, Doctor is registered on the platform and can start using it.

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